Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 9: Albuquerque, Lightning Field and Reuniting at Acoma Pueblo

Wednesday morning the Flannel Flock woke up and headed out from the hotel. We stopped at the Desert Sands Hotel, Room 114 that was featured in the movie No Country for Old Men along with the Octopus car wash from Breaking Bad.

Our next stop was the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. We saw dioramas of planes and bombs that were used in the military in the 20th century. We explored the museum on the inside and then walked outside and investigated the life-size planes and jets.

After leaving the museum the Flannel Flock group drove to Acoma Pueblo and met up with the L'TANG group.

L'TANG awoke at 5:45 to watch the sunrise. We all went out in the field and sat on yoga mats while drinking coffee. The poles captured the light beautifully. L'TANG then went inside and made a breakfast feast which included; scrambled eggs, bacon, left over enchiladas, toast, apples, and fresh OJ. After enjoying our breakfast, we took one last walk out in the field.

Trevor and Grif caught little lizards and named them after themselves. Little Trev (top) was calm and playful. Little Grif (below) was a little slow and escaped from Big Grif's hands mid photo op. Kim picked us up around 11:00 o'clock to take us into town.

Both groups made each other handmade gifts, the Flannel Flock left theirs in the cabin at Lightning Field and L'TANG brought theirs to Sky City to exchange.

We walked through a gallery of art before riding a bus up the mountain to Sky City and got a tour of Acoma Pueblo.

Our tour guide was named Geri. She was hilarious and kept us laughing the whole time. She provided us with so much information about Acoma Pueblo along with its traditions and religious ceremonies.

We talked to the locals who had booths set up with their handmade items. Some had been born and raised there, and continued to live their adult hood there.

After leaving Sky City, we made a long drive to a Days Inn, located in Chambers Arizona and stayed the night there.

Kyla Tighe and Noelle Weigand

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