Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 8: The Flannel Flock* in Albuquerque

*Sarah, Kyla, Nikki, Lexi and Jacinda

We started the day at 5:45 AM to see the sunrise hit Lightning Field.

After a group effort of making breakfast and cleaning up the cabin, Kim transported back to the van in Quemado. During the ride, she filled us in on some Dia gossip and shared her surprising love for Ozzy.

The flannel flock made a spot at the VLA (Very Large Array) on the way to Albuquerque. We collaborated with Jacinda to help capture a binocular photo of the VLA in the windy, windy desert. We sat and watched a short documentary and took a walking tour of the facility.

The VLA is a giant radio telescope made of 27 dishes that function together to gather information about our universe (and probably aliens). The visitor center featured an educational video, narrated by Jodie Foster, that explained the science and reasons behind the VLA ... or at least everything the government wanted us to know!

When we arrived in Albuquerque, Jacinda's art contacts came through and we scored an exclusive tour of the University of New Mexico's art facilities with graduate photo student, Gene Ellenberg.

 After dinner and some fun smashing a cake, we all crashed at the hotel.

 This blog post brought to you by Kyla Tighe and Nikki Stacey

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