Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 7: L'TANG in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Bandelier

After breakfast with our other halves, we bid fond goodbyes to Jacinda, Sarah, Lexi, Kyla, and Nikki. Then L'TANG (Lara, Trevor, Alys, Noelle, and Grif) put on our best brave faces and went for a nice long souvenir hunt in downtown Santa Fe. Peppers, cow skulls, sombreros and ponchos--that city really has it all.


We went inside the New Mexico State Capitol, which has a beautiful glass dome and a very large state art collection. The legislature was not in session, but this is where the government business of the Land of Enchantment happens.


Then we began the northern trek to Los Alamos, and on the way we stopped to enjoy the breathtaking views. 

In Los Alamos we drove by the National Laboratory, home to cutting edge nuclear research still, and visited the Bradbury Science Museum to get a sense of the history of this once-secret city. This is a replica of the Fat Man atomic bomb that the U.S. military exploded over Nagasaki, Japan in 1945.

Next stop: Bandelier National Monument, home to some really impressive Native American cliff dwellings. Here's a kiva in the foreground, and the cliff rooms are in the background.

You can climb the ladders if you dare.

And we did!

It was a beautiful day, and we thought of our cohorts often and hoped they were having a ton of fun. 

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