Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 6: Another Church

We started off the day by taking the High Road to Taos, a scenic highway through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. We stopped multiple times throughout the drive to see various historical points and scenic overlooks. Our first stop was a church at Nambe; built in the 1600s and it burnt down in the 1940s. 

From there we drove to Santuario de Chimayo. This place had a natural spring that was said to have healing properties. When the spring dried up, all that was left was dirt which people then began to eat. 

We continued driving until we found a weaving shop. Everything was very beautiful (and very expensive). We got to see the looms they used to create their weavings.

After that we did a few scenic stops.

We stopped at… another church. This one was famous for some Ansel Adams’ and O’Keeffe paintings. It was also the unmarked grave of Dennis Hopper. 

San Francisco de Asis Mission

Finally we reached Taos. We grabbed lunch at a place called Taos II Diner and met another person named Grif. We then broke up into groups and roamed Taos for a bit. Some people went to shops and galleries while others did a tour of E.L. Blumenschein’s house. Sarah and Nikki found a bookstore that had a bunch of cats. 

 After Taos, we stopped at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It was magical. 

L to R: Nikki Stacey, Alys Walbridge, Noelle Weigand, Kyla Tighe, Lara Kuykendall and Trevor Campbell

Sarah Lassiter and the selfie/ussie stick.

Back row left to right: Kyla Tighe, Grif Williams, Jacinda Russell, and Alys Walbridge
Front row: Trevor Campbell, Lara Kuykendall, Sarah Lassiter, Noelle Weigand and Lexi Musselman Missing: Nikki Stacey 

Kyla Tighe at the Rio Grande Gorge

After dinner we went to Ojo Caliente; a natural mineral spring bathhouse. We stayed there for about 4 hours and watched the sunset in the mountains. We got to float in pools and stargaze. They also had hammocks set up so you could lounge around after being in the saunas. 

Sarah Lassiter and Nikki Stacey

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