Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 2: Out In The West Texas Town Of... Marfa

A brief recap of day two (which was a very, very long day).

Our morning began with a very Texas breakfast in Texas. After most of us put a whole Texas in our bodies, we loaded up the vehicles and hit the road for a six hour drive to Marfa.

About halfway through the drive, we stopped at a grocery store to buy supplies for a parking lot peanut butter and jelly sandwich lunch. To pass the time in the car (when not napping), Lexi, Grif, and Sarah created a game called “Cow Rustler” which included many crazy rules.

Then we were back to driving. Eventually the scenery changed from flaaaaaaaaaat to (what those of us born and raised in Indiana consider) mountains.

And finally we arrived in Marfa! We began our visit with a stop at the Marfa Book Company.

After that we went to Donald Judd’s house for a tour of his studios which contained a large amount of his sculptures and his personal libraries.

Once the tour was done, we went to our home for two nights, El Cosmico, which is MAGICAL. We, the students, are staying in Safari Tents while Jacinda and Lara are in a Tipi. There’s a lot of stuff happening at El Cosmico; hammock spots, WIFI, and a reading room. Its glamping at its finest. Also #YOUGUYSBEYONCESTAYEDHERE

We stopped at a restaurant called Padre's for dinner, but it turned out they don’t serve food on Wednesdays so we got some crazy looks from the locals. We then decided to eat at Mando’s which had all the Tex-Mex you could ever hope for. We had Mexican Cokes in giant bottles.

After dinner we headed back to El Cosmico and split up. There was a band performing at the campground which was a nice surprise for us all. Tomorrow begins round two of Marfa!

Sarah Lassiter and Lexi Musselman

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