Sunday, April 5, 2015

Severe Drought in the West

Damon Winter, Golf course in the Sun City Palm Desert Community [image via]

Here is a fascinating story by Adam Nagourney, Jack Healy, and Nelson D. Schwartz outlining how California's severe drought could affect the state's growth and lifestyle. It is particularly relevant after reading about Las Vegas this week.

A highlight includes this passage: "Can Los Angeles continue to dominate as the country’s capital of entertainment and glamour, and Silicon Valley as the center of high tech, if people are forbidden to take a shower for more than five minutes and water bills become prohibitively expensive? Will tourists worry about coming? Will businesses continue their expansion in places like San Francisco and Venice?"

Damon Winter, A housing development in Cathedral City, near Palm Springs [image via]

Also see this link for information on the ground water crisis. 

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