Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Creative Projects

Last week in Space, Land and Concept in Art of the American West, we critiqued the creative projects that were made in response to what we learned this semester. Below is a brief synopsis of the five students' artwork, a culmination of two months of study.

Dan Martens created a photo collage and video of "intriguing places where I haven't been and probably will not visit but am pleased to know that they exist.

Noelle Weigand built a circular frame and felted an abstract landscape, using porcupine quills to depict the movement and occupancy of Western Civilization.

Ashley Vandervelde produced 75 Attempts at Understanding the Spirit of Place by visiting a new location every day, documenting her experiences. From her artist statement: "A culmination of persistence, faith, and humility led me into some of the most familiar, yet unfamiliar territory. The mundane became interesting. The exciting was brought down to earth."

Nikki Stacey was inspired by Inuit whale bone carvings initially viewed at the Eiteljorg Museum and baked several heads made from homemade bread recipes. A highlight included eating a chunk at the beginning of critique (it tasted like cardboard).

Nicole Nikas painted a series of propaganda posters based on our readings in Lucy Lippard's Undermining and "the role of and affect of industry in the West; the numerous articles and discussion on Native American culture and the European influence on it; and the environmental impact our nation is having on the American West."

[All images by the artists.]

Jacinda Russell

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