Sunday, March 22, 2015

Michael Heizer in the News: Part 2

Last week, Scott Tennent of LACMA wrote "Protect Michael Heizer's 'City'." This plea to help save the land surrounding Michael Heizer's monumental artwork is reminiscent of the issues Lucy Lippard raised in Undermining. There are proposals to turn Basin and Range into a missile site as well as building a railroad that will transport nuclear waste very close to the earthwork. Two excerpts from the blog post follow:

"As with many of Heizer’s greatest works, the sculpture is incomplete without the surrounding landscape. The solitude of City is part of its power. To have the surrounding land developed into anything would severely impact Heizer’s work. To see the land developed into a site for military, energy, or waste purposes, would ruin it forever. After 43 years of work, can it really be destroyed like this?"

Michael Heizer's The City by Tom Vinetz

"Beyond Heizer’s artwork, protecting Basin and Range has other critical cultural and scientific ramifications. The area contains ancient lithic scatters, early Native American trails, and rock art dating back thousands of years as well as wildlife unique to the area and important geologic features. The conservation proposal has the potential to provide important information about use of this portion of the Basin and Range province from the Paleoindian period through the present."

Mt. Irish Archaeological District by Tyler Roemer

Two other notes:

• Sign the petition to protect the land [Basin and Range] surrounding The City here.
The current status of Double Negative as of two weeks ago.

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