Sunday, March 22, 2015

James Turrell: On Flying, Light and Fundraising

 Ad Petersen, View out the Window of the Helio Courier Plane near Roden Crater, 1977

"One of the things about flying is that the places it has taken us are places that we haven't really begun inhabiting until very recently. Perceptually we are still a ground-based being, and we don't have a real good handle on the spaces of the skies. There are a lot of illusions that occur to pilots, that are actually rather dangerous... there are situations where absolute loss of horizon really does change things. Also, just where your perception is wrong."

James Turrell, from "Entering the New Landscape," James Turrell: A Retrospective

James Turrell, Akhob, Louis Vuitton City Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2013

"I've always wanted to make a light that looks like the light you see in your dream. Because the way that light infuses the dream, the way the atmosphere is colored, the way light rains off people with auras and things like that ... We don't normally see light like that. But we all know it. So this is not unfamiliar territory - or not unfamiliar light. I like to have this kind of light that reminds us of this other place we know."

James Turrell, from "Behind-the-eyes Seeing," James Turrell: A Retrospective

Incidentally on the days that we are visiting Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, James Turrell has opened up Roden Crater for $6500/person as a fund raising event. From M.H. Miller's Art News article:

"The cost to visit in May? First, there’s a $5,000 donation to the Skystone Foundation, Turrell’s nonprofit organization that supports the project. An additional $1,500 will cover a hotel room, a tour, dinner onsite, and breakfast the following morning. Not included in that cost, according to an application that must be filed to attend the trip, are: 'Airfare, personal or baggage insurance, meals other than mentioned above, laundry, valet, liquor (other than wine with dinner), room service or minibar charges, telephone calls, faxes or internet charges, pharmaceuticals, supplemental costs for (additional) single rooms and/or (additional) suites, and any other individual charges of a personal nature.' Twenty people will be let in per day, which means Turrell stands to raise about half a million dollars."

Let's hope that money is placed toward expediting the completion of this neverending project.

Jacinda Russell

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