Friday, February 13, 2015

New Robert Irwin Arwork at Chinati

Robert Irwin, untitled (Four Walls), 2006

A new permanent installation at Chinati is in the works! It will be the first large scale addition since 2004 and will be located in the former Fort D.A. Russell hospital.

From the Chinati Foundation website:

"Irwin’s design follows the footprint of the existing structure and preserves elements particular to it. The work will be experienced in halves, with one side of the building dark and the other light. Irwin’s subtle interventions will enhance the visual experience and include the use of long transparent scrim walls in black and white, as well as window films that manipulate and frame the changing light conditions that occur throughout the course of the day."

The estimated completion date is 2016. 

Jacinda Russell

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